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Information regarding the Trustee's administration of Chapter 13 cases filed in the Northern District of Alabama, Southern Division, is available online. Please click on the link below to email the Trustee for a User ID and Password. Or, you may call the Trustee's office at (205) 323-4631.

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Case information is made available through EPIQ Systems, Inc. and is subject to change, updating and audit by the Trustee without notice. This information, as published online, is furnished at the Trustee's discretion and is separate from any official court records. Please contact your attorney if you have any questions.

This information is made available for the convenience of all parties who have a legitimate interest in specific Chapter 13 cases pending in Birmingham, Alabama. The unauthorized use of this information is strictly prohibited. If you are uncertain whether your use of this information is permitted, please contact the Trustee's office before proceeding. By clicking the button below, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the above information as well as the requirements and limitations of our online data.

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Notice:  Please note EPIQ's Bankruptcy Link website now requires users to acquire their own credentials in order to access Bankruptcy Link website.  Please see the instructions for setting up an account displayed on the Bankruptcy Link website.

How to Print Interim Statements