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ANNOUNCEMENT: New Payment Method for Chapter 13 Debtors! 

Chapter 13 debtors in the Northern District of Alabama, Southern Division, can now make plan payments through Court Compass.  For more information, please visit


Bradford W. Caraway
Chapter 13 Trustee
(205) 323-4631
(205) 252-0239 Facsimile


Chapter 13 debtors can now make plan payments electronically through Court Compass.
Visit today to learn more.

Chapter 13 debtors can now make plan payments electronically through TFS Bill Pay.
Visit, or call TFS at (888) 729-2413 today to learn more and to enroll in an automated payment plan.

Chapter 13 debtors can now make plan payments through Moneygram.
Visit, or call TFS at (888) 729-2413 today to learn more.

Payment Address
P.O. Box 3789
Jackson, MS 39207

Correspondence Address

P.O. Box 10848
Birmingham, AL 35202-0848

This office serves as the Chapter 13 Trustee for the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Alabama, Southern Division (Jefferson, Blount and Shelby Counties). The Trustee collects payments made by Chapter 13 debtors and disburses those payments to creditors as ordered by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court and pursuant to confirmed Chapter 13 plans. The Trustee has other duties, such as assisting debtors with their plans, taking legal action in cases when appropriate, and providing information to the Bankruptcy Court, the Bankruptcy Administrator, debtors, creditors and their attorneys.

This website is provided for informational purposes only. By law, the Trustee is not permitted to give legal advice. If you need legal advice, please contact your attorney. The unauthorized use of our information is strictly prohibited. If you are uncertain whether your use of this information is permitted, please contact the Trustee's office before proceeding.

Chapter 13 case information is now available through the National Data Center. Please click here for more information.

From time to time in the Southern Division, a Chapter 13 Debtor through Counsel will file a motion to suspend plan payments. When such a motion is granted, the Court enters an order after a hearing or by negative notice. If the case is funded by payroll deduction, it is the responsibility of the Debtor or Debtor's Attorney to notify the debtor's employer of the payment suspension order, and when to resume the payments after the suspension ends.

Please be advised that the office of Bradford W. Caraway, Chapter 13 Trustee, does not provide notice of payment suspension orders to Debtors’ employers on a regular basis. These notices should be provided to employers by the Debtors or the Debtors’ Attorneys.
The Trustee’s office will continue to advise, other than on legal matters, assist, and provide information to employers about Trustee Directions for Deduction. However, notice of any payment suspension order and their effective dates should be provided by the Debtor or Debtor’s Attorney. The Trustee will continue to assist employers with such notices in special circumstances as a courtesy to the employers.